A project commissioned by the Tokyo Design Association for TDW 2011, sponsored by Zagat.

We have created the laboratory of food analysis for tokyo designers week 2011. The shipping container presentation is an interactive analysis of the nutritional supplement and diet industry as well as the modern person’s preference for customized, natural health remedies.

The visitor participates in a mock-scientific experiment in which he/she is physically assessed by a lab assistant in order for the lab to manufacture an ‘nutricard’ tailored to the needs of the individual. The Nutricard is made of edible paper is soaked in plant extract with text printed in vegetable ink according to the nutritional needs of the visitor based on the physiological information gathered by the ‘laboratory of food analysis’ consultation. The final step of the laboratory process is the consumption of the printed-card food supplement. The project was designed as a comical critique of the simplistic nutritional view held by the diet and nutrition industry.

This project has been realized in collaboration with Maxime Morel.